1. An annual subscription of £12.00 constitutes membership of the Association. Subscriptions must be paid to the Secretary no later than the morning of the Show. No-one in arrears will be allowed to compete.

2. To gain admittance to the Show free of charge, members and officials must display their badges.

3. All committee members are required to pay their membership subscription by the May meeting.

4. All prize monies offered in the schedule are sent out by the end of August. All Trophies are presented in November and should be returned at the following Show.

5. All stock must be adequately insured and it is the responsibility of the owner to do so.

6. Ownership and ages of all cattle will be reckoned from the date on the animal’s passport or certificate of registration. Cows must have had calves prior to the Show, and when exhibited, must be either in milk, or, birth must have been within nine months previous to the Show. If in calf, birth must be certified within nine months of the Show.

7. Yearlings must retain calves’ teeth, two year olds not more than four hard teeth. 8. All animals competing for Prizes awarded for pure stock must be entered in the respective herd, flock or stud books or must be eligible to be entered. Age of pedigree animals is determined by that entry.

9. Any Bull 1 year old and over must have a ring in its nose.

10. All Cattle must be halter led, (except for those entered in the Unhaltered Classes).

11. All cattle must be from Attested (TB) Accredited Herds. Cattle must either be from BVD negative herds or each individual animal forward at the Show should have tested negative for the BVD virus. A declaration must accompany each animal.

12. In the Cattle and Sheep Sections no animal shall be shown in more than one class or one Section except for Special Prizes.

13. All stock must be the bona fide property of the Exhibitor and must have been in his or her possession from the 1st June in the year of the show. Exhibitors must, if required by a member of the Committee either on the day of the Show or one month thereafter, prove to the Committee that the stock exhibited by him or her was entered according to the regulations of the Association

14. For the purpose of judging for Special Prizes, exhibitors must ensure their stock is placed before the judges at the proper time, of which due notice will be given.

15. Specific rules pertaining to individual sections and classes are detailed in the show schedule.

16. Livestock must be on the show site by 8.30am on the morning of the Show. They must remain until after the Parade and under no circumstances, except an emergency, will this rule be altered. Committee members must seek the consent of the secretary before allowing an animal to leave the show site.

17. The Main Parade will be divided between Cattle, Horse and Goats at the discretion of the Parade Convener. Should circumstances arise the Committee reserves the right to remove any unruly animal from the parade or show ring if they see fit.

18. All arrangements for the management of the Show are to be carried out by the Committee.

19. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Committee will be final and binding. Protests in connection with the Show must be lodged with the Secretary by 2 p.m. on Show Day and must be accompanied by a deposit of £10, which will be forfeited to the Association if the protest is found to be groundless.

20. The committee reserves the right to refuse entries from competitors making derogatory comments on social media about the show or anyone connected with the show.
21. Entries must be in the hands of the Secretary on or before WEDNESDAY 9th JUNE 2021. No late or incomplete entry forms will be accepted.

22. Any member contravening any of the rules will forfeit his or her right to any prize.

23. The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in Echt Hall on the second Monday in November. The meeting will elect Office – Bearers and transact any other business of the Association